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1. Next mold will be made from high tear strength rtv for sure.

2. RTV stand for room temperature vulcanizing, or simply a rubber that cures at room temp.
RTV 是室温硫化的缩写或者也可以说是在室温下固化的橡胶。

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3. The amount of rtv used was basically just enough to paint one side of each severed piece.

4. TS593 Silicon flang sealant RTV, excel chemic and weather resistance, black.
TS593 硅酮型平面密封剂 RTV 耐化学性、耐候性好、黑色。

5. TS598 Silicon flang sealant RTV low odor, non-corrosive, low volatility.
TS598 硅酮型平面密封剂 RTV 低气味,不腐蚀,低挥发性。

6. The electric-field and potential distribution along a post insulator under dry and clean conditions are calculated through the Finite Element Method. and three principles about model building are presented. In theprocess of solid modeling. the post insulator is simplified to a 1/2 area model because of its axial symmetryt and anannular area is innovatively presented to represent the field at infinity. W hen area meshing. the metallic fittings ofthe insulator are omitted.

7. I think what I will do is use the clay blade holder I used here for position is just mold it in rtv then cast alumilite and then glue it to the jib.
我想我会做的是使用粘土刀片持有人,我在这里的立场是公正的模具,它在RTV ,然后alumilite然后胶水,它向臂。

8. RTV-type flexible molds for precision casting, dental impression materials and the spacecraft ablation-resistant coatings and electronic devices sealed protection.

9. 707RTV silicone mainly applies to bonding and fixing the components of the electronic and electrical equipments.

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10. Solid Canadian company is China's organic silicon production and operation of the largest private enterprise products, its production and sales of silicon rubber mold (RTV-2) of the domestic market of more than 45%.

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11. The effects of the different curing conditions on the performance of one component room temperature vulcanizing (RTV 1) and two component room temperature vulcanizing(RTV 2) silicone structural sealants were discussed.
研究了硫化条件对单组分室温硫化(RTV - 1)、双组分室温硫化(RTV - 2)有机硅结构密封胶性能的影响,A、B组分的比例对RTV - 2有机硅结构密封胶性能的影响和试验速度对(RTV - 1)结构密封胶拉伸性能的影响。

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12. The company's main business products: all types of thread fastening plastic, blink Ganjiao, structural plastic, flat sealant, RTV silicone rubber, plastic cylindrical-holders, pipes thread sealant, industrial repair agent, such as vacuum Baptist exudate...

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13. The features and application of the operating agent for adjusting the rate of extrusion and the thixotropy of the compound, the thinner for improving the fluidity of the compound, and the plasticizer for regulating the hardness and the modulus of vulcanized compound used in RTV silicone rubber of condensed type were described.

14. Alternating high and low temperature tests show that the periodic change of temperature can result in degradation of mechanical performance.

15. Two kinds of thermal conductive fillers Al 2O 3 and SiC were used to RTV silicone rubber or silicone grease.
研究了Al2O3、SiC 两类导热填料以及填料的粒径分布对室温硫化硅橡胶和硅脂的导热性能和粘度的影响;发现当粒径分布适当时,可得到导热系数高、粘度低的室温硫化导热硅橡胶及导热硅脂。

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16. Furthermore. the effects of coating thickness on electric-field intensity are discussed. and the electric-field intensityinside and outside coating is also investigated.

17. Through a model compound system, acid-base theory for RTV-I silicone rubber was gave. It isbelieved consistency in acidic or basic nature is benefit for RTV-lsilicone compound system, while adverse nature in acid or base will cause unstable compound sy

18. Schedule pull in, push out and order cancellation, etc; - Preparation of purchase orders and negotiation with Suppliers; -Maintain a strong relationship with Suppliers and continual monitoring performance of Suppliers -RTV execution and excess disposition.
建议产品的物料成本,对个别的/战略意义的元器件的潜在供应保证进行分析,维护和分析工程变更所引起的物料成本 4)推动CM进行材料降价及预测成本改进方案并与客户一起推动客户指定材料的降价。

19. RTV

19. Do not use Permatex or RTV silicone on the metal flange surface.

20. I dont have the proper high heat rtv for that process so I'm thinking that for a master, alumilite hopefully will do as long as the desired shape comes out.

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