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1. 另外一个因素是,由于英语水平的提高,年轻人就业的机会增加了。
Another factor is that the rise in the level of English, young people employment opportunities increased.

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2. Simon Baker,于1969年7月30日,出生于澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚Launceston的一个天主教家庭,母亲Elizabeth Labberton是高中英语教师,父亲Barry Baker是土地看管人/技师,他父母在他还很年轻的时候就离婚了,之后他母亲再婚嫁给了屠夫Tom Denny。
Simon Baker was born to Catholic parents, high school English teacher Elizabeth Labberton and groundskeeper/mechanic Barry Baker, on July 30, 1969, in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. His parents divorced while he was still young and his mother later remarried butcher Tom Denny.

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3. 今天是我们小组第一次讨论英语,大家有很多点子,我开始是想做个名人访谈加图书馆介绍,徐崟的想法是做个比较时尚的东西,比如是做东方的娱乐节目,徐婷的想法是比较中立,徐跃龙的想法是东西方的幽默,可以做的广,严永存的想法是大家的想法要尽量统一在一起,最后我们决定了方向要在流行的方向,年轻有活力点,目前方向确定。
Today is our group first discuss research project, everybody has very many ideas, I am want to make the celebrity interview to add the library to introduce, Xuying's idea is makes the comparison fashion the thing, for instance is makes East's entertainment program, the Xu Ting's idea is compares the neutrality, Xu Yuelong's idea is East and West's humor, may do broad, strictly perpetuity the idea is everybody idea must unify as far as possible in together, finally we had decided the direction must in the popular direction, young have the vigor spot, at present direction determination

4. 现在有不少年轻人有一边做作业,一边听背景音乐的习惯。翻译成英语怎么说?
At present, lots of youngling have the habit to do their homework while listening backgroud music.

5. 另外一个因素是,由于英语水平的提高,年轻人就业的机会增加了。
In spite of the efforts by the search party, there was no hope of finding the missing boy soon.

6. 她年轻时,常常在笔记本里记下一些摘引自分公司怎么翻译的内容。
When she was young, she used to 英语翻译 quotations from poems in a notebook.

7. 他指出,科技英语课堂仍然要加大阅读量,不能只是老师讲学生听,要让学生积极地参与进去;要继续规范教学方法、教学内容,将教学工作稳打稳扎的向前推进;教学方法可以百花齐放,百家争鸣;考试方式可以在保证翻译的前提下,适当加入其它形式,命题不能有章可循,要灵活多变,促进学生努力学习,防止投机取巧;年轻教师应该敢于多代几门课,拓宽自己的知识面,提高自己的讲课能力。
He stressed that teachers should cultivate an atmosphere of reading in class-not the cramming method of teaching, but the active participation of students.

8. 你只要去任何年轻的,热切的美国新教教堂,比如拿撒勒教堂,你会看到好多的墨西哥家庭,他们都有好多的孩子,在以得克萨斯-墨西哥口音的英语唱着古老的苏格兰圣诗。
Are deserting the Catholics and becoming born-again Protestants. Go to any of the younger, feistier churchers in the U. S. like the Church of the Nazarene and you`ll see lots of Mexican families with plenty of kids, singing old Scottish hymns in Tex-Mex English.

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9. 尽管他很年轻,但是他的英语学的很好。
Young as he is, he is good at English.

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10. 尽管他很年轻,但是他的英语学的很好。
Child as he is, he is good at English.

11. 建议平时多看看疯狂英语阅读版,我觉得那个里面的文章很适合演讲,我年轻的时候,就用这个~:P

12. 我们的英语老师是一位年轻的妇女。
Our English teacher is a young woman.

13. 大学的时候我很喜欢喝酸奶,嘿嘿!酸奶的英语不错呀,英语自打初中我就没好好学过,错过了就是错过了。。。有经历的还是要在年轻的时候多读书,多学习。
I want to tell you:i am the slave cause i love you. i worry about you will lose if i'm not by you side when you are flying. what i give you the memory is the sky's sign. once it be that is forever. my showder is no placy for other girls.

14. 记得一次自己一时头脑热要学习英语,结果不到一个下午就花到至一千元去买书,及相关学习用品,晕,到现在也只不过看过一二本书。不知道那颗筋又不对了,想学习网络,又是一番采购,结果大量的电脑在我的书柜里成了陈列品。还真不知道是自己不正常,还是所有人都是这样的。哈哈,这是我第一次把这开心的笑写到文字上面,记得有一位看过我的小说的老者写过一封信,让我一直珍藏在内心深处,文字不多,主要就一个问题,年轻人,为什么开心还让自己郁闷,难道你的生活经历不是多姿多彩的吗???我回信给他了,也寄给他一本我的记实小说,我相信,这可以说明我的写作中,带有更多的生活吧。畅想未来,说真的想法太多成就时就难了,一直想成为大家关注的人,一直想成为能帮别人的人,一直想成为最有钱的人,不过这样的想法一个一个的都打消了,因为第一是不现实,第二,那样可能更累。我指的累是心里面的东西。
Still remember a time per friend listens to me at net up put of song, just about with my age of he, say that all of what you listen to are the song in 80's, you are 50 hearts of 20 people and exaggerate, at that time I just so is just think, however see now still quite right, don't know to be the achievement of the years, still the career of affair let oneself master, deep breathing, each time so breathe all feel light loose, but abroad of psychology the top has been already spoken, any have thus the person of the viewpoint, he has already lost face the realities of confidence, may be, I would not like to prove this to be true, I also make great effort to try to let oneself no longer deep breathing, ,, , ,, Past, now, future, don't know when, smile the stars to also use thus of writing, stay in the past bitter and astringent, be a happy life now, be an infinite Chang to think in the future, ,, , , is really such, canned not remember clearly Chu, China of the writing is still really some oddness, a the say that use a dissimilarity of the writing completely can feel the different person be speak different tone.

15. 对我们年轻人来说,学习英语并掌握它是重要的。
It is important for us young people to learn English and master it.

16. 我从未遇到过像他这样英语如此流利、准确的年轻学生。
Never had l met a yong student speaking english so flutencely and accuracely.

17. 一月份发布的一份英语社会态度调查发现,年轻人对婚姻的态度已经不再那么传统,而会把事业放在首位。
A British Social Attitudes survey in January found that young people showed a less traditional attitude towards marriage and would put their careers first.

18. 在这一时刻,罪案就也判定了,悲凉的铁钟被敲响,嚎啕大哭发自雇来的号丧者,他们排列在斗兽场的外缘。广大观众们则垂头丧气地慢慢走回家去,悲叹着一个如此年轻而公正的人,或者一个如此老迈而可敬的人,罹获了如此惨痛的命运。青鸟兄译得好!这样锡兵,青鸟共译了5分之一。第二个五分之一在下面,还有那位大侠贡献英语知识和一小时的宝贵时光?
The moment that the case of the criminal was thus decided, doleful iron bells were clanged, great wails went up from the hired mourners posted on the outer rim of *the arena, and the vast audience, with bowed heads and downcast hearts, wended slowly their homeward way, mourning greatly that one so young and fair, or so old and respected, should have merited so dire a fate.

19. 在那里面有20个彼此熟悉的德国工人,但是他们不会说英语,所以我无法和他们进行交谈。我记得我走进了一个建筑,一个年轻人掏出一把刀威胁我,但是我从他手里夺过刀,然后跑回了家。当我回家时,我的兄弟和母亲正在厨房看着地上的一只巨大的红色昆虫,我朝它喷了杀虫剂杀死了它,接着我就被警察抓走了。然后我就醒了。
And there were 20 knew german workers in it but they didnt speak english so i couldnt talk to them, and then i remember going into a building and a young teenager pulled out a knife and threatend me, but i took it off him and ran away home, and then when i got the, my brother and mum were in the kitchen looking at a massive red insect on the ground that was on its back and then i sprayed it with insectacide to kill it, then i got chased by the police from my home and woke up

20. 我们必须承认这名年轻人完全能够胜任教英语的工作。
We must admit that the young man is highly ___in teaching English.

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