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1. 那是一个根的双株冬青,高过房檐,叶密无缝,墨绿发光,在冬天里,与竹的淡绿各展色景,给人留下美好的印像,它能令你生发散文的灵感,虽然不会成为惊天动地的故事之源,从插枝到成长为两根合掌粗的树,它的生长史,经过了多少风和雨,度过了几多冬与春,冬不褪墨绿的本色,春发不可计数的新枝条,又有千千万万的幼叶挤老叶,人不可知它自知。
It was a root pairs of strains of holly, higher than the eaves, leaves dense seamless, dark green light, in the winter, with bamboo light green color of show scenery, giving a good impression to leave, it will enable you germinal Prose The inspiration, though not as earth-shattering story of the source, from the cuttings to grow together in prayer for the two thick trees, the growth of its history, after the number of wind and rain, how many spent the winter and spring, winter does not fade dark green in color, hair can not count the new spring shoots, there are hundreds of thousands of young leaves crowded old leaves, people unknown knowing it.

2. 维纳金麻,墨绿麻,紫点金麻,黄金钻,黑麻,英国棕,奥文度金,博多米黄,啡钻,金彩麻,美国紫晶,中国黑和黄色星。
New Venetian Gold, Ubatuba, Santa Cecilia, Tropic Brown, Absolute Black, Tan Brown, Giallo Ornamental, Crema Bordeaux, Baltic Brown, Giallo Veneziano, Dakota Mahogany, China Black and Yellow Star.

3. 露西,你可知道,昨天夜间,你透过墨绿的帐子向外张望的时候,你的脸苍白得可怜,你凹陷的眼睛旁围着紫红的一圈,在这因暴风雨而大哭大喊的、阴森森的、害怕的、神情痛苦的女人身上,我几乎认不出我的小妻子来了。
Do you know, Lucy, that once last night, when you looked out through the dark green bed-curtains, with your poor white face, and the purple rims round your hollow eyes, I had almost a difficulty to recognize my little wife in that ghastly, terrified, agonised-looking creature, crying out about the storm.

4. 向日葵衬在一片明亮亮的黄色阳光里,挂在漆成墨绿色的墙壁上,宛如亭亭伫立在一望无际的原野中,特别怡目,但又显得孤清。
Dressing up with dewdrops it is innocently pretty and adorable.

5. 向日葵衬在一片明亮亮的黄色阳光里,挂在漆成墨绿色的墙壁上,宛如亭亭伫立在一望无际的原野中,特别怡目,但又显得孤清。
In the bright sunshine, these sunflowers seemed to erect in an endless field against the greenblack wall, pleasing to eyes but aloof.

6. 向日葵衬在一片明亮亮的阳光里,挂在漆成墨绿色的墙壁上。宛如婷婷伫立在一望无际的原野中。特别怡目,但又显得孤清。
The wall was painted dark green and the sunflowers in the painting, as if standing in an endless field bathed in bright sunshine, looked pleasing but solitary.

7. 我突然想起了上海寓所那面墨绿色墙上挂着的梵高《向日葵》。
One day as I was pushing a dung-cart past a farmer's thatched hut, I saw some fresh yellowish sunflowers, against a blue sky, craning out of its fence.

8. 常做成大板的石头有:山西黑、啡钻、细啡珠、中国绿、绿钻、英国棕、奥文度金、金钻麻、金彩麻、绿蝴蝶、豹皮花、桃花红、虾红、红棕、黄金钻、菊花黄、蓝珍珠、绿星、皇室啡、中国黑、冰花兰、紫点金麻、墨绿麻、黑金砂、南非黑、印度红棕。
Stone usually to be made into slabs: Shanxi Black、Baltic Brown、Café Imperial、China Green、Baltic Grown、Tan Brown、Giallo Ornamental、Giallo Fiorito、Giallo Veneziano、Butterfly Green、leopard skin、G687、G681、Maple Red、Tropic Brown、Chrysan Yellow、Blue Pearl、Emerald Pearl、Desert Brown、China Black、Ice Blue、Santa Cecilia、Verde Ubatuba、Black Galaxy、Impala Black、Maple Red.

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9. 雨花茶,以紧,直,绿,匀为其特色,其形似松针,条索紧直、浑圆,两端略尖,锋苗挺秀,茸毫隐露,色呈墨绿,绿透银光,香气浓郁高雅,滋味鲜醇,汤色绿而清澈,叶底嫩匀明亮。
Rain tea to tight, straight, green, and even their characteristics, their resemblance to pine needles, straight cord tight, rounded, slightly pointed at both ends, front挺秀Miller, Rong Lu implicit cents, 色呈dark green, green through silver, incense gas rich and elegant, taste鲜醇, liquor color of green and clear, even bright young Securinega.

10. 有6种颜色可供选择,包括薄荷白,粉红白,橙黑,红黑,可爱粉红和墨绿色。
It comes in six different fun colors that include mint white, pink white, orange black, red black, lovely pink and green black.

11. 向日葵衬在一片明亮亮的黄色阳光里,挂在漆成墨绿色的墙壁上,宛如亭亭伫立在一望无际的原野中
Being bathed in the lightful golden sunshine on the atrovirens wall, they were supposed to grow on the natural endless field.

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12. 布朗山孔雀芽叶特别肥硕,通体披满白毫,芽叶色泽墨绿,油亮富有光泽,叶质柔软肥厚,持嫩性强;汤色清澈黄亮;布朗山孔雀最大特点还是滋味,滋味浓强刚烈,茶气足,但是苦涩味协调,化得快,口感丰富回味绵长。
Brown Peacock Hill special stout shoots, species spread over Baihao, shoots dark green color, rich luster油亮, leaf quality hypertrophic soft, tender and strong holds; liquor color clear Huang Liang; Brown Hill or taste characteristics of the peacock's largest, concentrated taste of刚烈strong, Tea Gas adequate, but the bitter taste coordination of fast, rich taste lingering aftertaste.

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13. 欧洲南部的兰花,花墨绿色,比小蝴蝶兰大、但不如它香;有时归入玉凤花属。
South European orchid with dark green flowers that are larger and less fragrant than Platanthera bifolia; sometimes placed in genus Habenaria.

14. 厂家直销:中网,中网加密规格:50-80 50-85 55-85 60-85 60-90 颜色:普通红,橘红,枚红,罗卜红,黄,橘黄,绿,墨绿,蓝,白等问世新产品,另可根据客户需求顶做加工各种颜色,规格密度的网眼袋,保证质量优,价格优,服务好,使用户放心满意,如有质量问题包退,包换。
Factory outlets: in the network, in network encryption Specifications: 50-8050-8555-8560-8560-90 Color: ordinary red, orange-red, gold red, carrot red, yellow, orange, green, dark green, blue, white, etc. advent of new products, and the other in accordance with customer needs to do processing of a variety of top-color, mesh bag density specifications, ensure the quality excellent, price excellent, good service, allows users to rest assured that satisfaction with the quality problem if°ü, shifting.

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15. 过了好一会儿,迟钝的Robert才发现他的朋友和姐姐愚弄了他,而当他把蒙着的手帕解下来的时候发现自己走了好远,四周的景色和刚才完全变了个样,平坦的草坪不见了,换成了高低不平的山林,地上躺着光溜溜的大大小小的石块儿,墨绿色的灌木一丛一丛生得又茂又密,活像老人家乱蓬蓬的胡子,参天的大树间阳光像百叶窗一样从树叶间投射出一条条竖琴琴弦般的光线,照在满是落叶的地上美极了,一条小溪弯弯曲曲地穿古哦,在微风的吹拂下时不时有树叶在空中以美妙的身影打着卷地落进溪水之间,和溪流汇在一起大片大片地被冲到下游。
After a long while, slow Robert found his friends and his sister fooled, and when he took a handkerchief off by the time found themselves a good long walk around the scenery and just made a change, smooth lawn gone, replaced rugged mountains, on the ground lay bare the greatly small stones, blackish green, a cluster of shrubs and have a cluster, like the old metallocene wild beard, tall trees like the sun blinds between the leaves of a string array project harp, as in the light of the leaves is full of beautiful, a stream winds its way in ancient oh, in the breeze once in the air are under leaves on the ground dozen roll beautiful figure into streams, and streams are remitted together acres downstream.

16. 我想让伴娘们穿墨绿色,你觉得怎么样?
Fran: I am thinking teal for the bridesmaids. What do you think?

17. 男的头戴小呢帽,帽上插一枝羽毛;身穿皮短裤,挂着背带;脚穿长袜和翻毛皮鞋;上衣外套没有翻领,颜色是墨绿色。
Men were dressed in feather fedoras, greenish black band-collared shirts, bib pants, stockings and frizzled leather shoes.

18. 松果在春夏的清风里由嫩黄泛成墨绿,到了金秋十月,沉甸甸的果实压弯了枝头,成双成对在秋风里清吟。
Pineal in the summer breeze in the pan into a dark green from yellow, to the autumn in October, the fruits of heavy bending the branches, in pairs Qing Yin in the wind.

19. 我弯腰拾起一片,墨绿、深黄、红褐尽染其间,那上面分明画着一段历史,一段人生。
I bent over to pick up one, dark green, deep yellow, reddish brown dye to make the meantime, it clearly painted the top section of the history of a life.

20. 晶种制备过程中其颜色的变化为由兰灰色→深兰色→墨绿色→黄绿色→黄色。
In the process the seed color is changed from pearl blue to ultramarine to pitch-black to kelly and lastly to yellow.

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