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1. 如果你觉得你的问题很严重,你可以寻求心理学家、精神科医生、社会服务人员或精神健康顾问的专业帮助。
If you feel your problem is serious, you might seek professional help from apsychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or mental health counselor.

2. 24小时在线咨询服务;诊疗实行预约式服务;疑难病症安排专家会诊;特殊需求可选派健康顾问
To offer 24-hour online counseling, appointment-driven service, expert consultation for complicated diseases and consultant designation if needed.

3. 我们的专业保险理财顾问以担心出大型健康保险计划。
Our professional insurance consultants take the worry out of managing large health insurance plans.

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4. 几周以前,我停止了一个新指派的顾问工作,业主原先是我在国际企业的前同事,她现在正想将公司从21年历史的德国进口电脑主机板设备转型为消费品公司型态─一系列针对上办族有健康困扰的植物安眠茶和天然疗效用的纯米酿野生地藏蜂胶液,因为,她的老旧观念让新事业经营备感压力。
A few weeks ago, I quitted consulting services from one of my newly assigned client who used to be my ex-colleagues at an international corporate. She is under high pressure of changing company from 21-year old traditional Germany-imported industry equipment to consumer products – a series of functional nighty night herbal tea and rice-wined, wild propolis essence for natural healing products, which tailor-made for office people health suffering.

5. 疣治疗:健康护理顾问,为消费者提供了宝贵的。。。
Wart Treatment: Health Care Advisor provides consumers with valuable...

6. 但如果你只是不能远离,你应该至少吃他们在放缓,或根据的意见,您的饮食或健康顾问医生。
But if you just can't stay away, you should at least eat them in moderation or in accordance with the advice of your dietary advisor or health practitioner.

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7. 我开始成为美国罗得岛州参议员ClaibornePell的好朋友,健康顾问,和个人医师。
I had become good friends, Health and Wellness Advisor, and personal physician to US Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island.

8. 我开始成为美国罗得岛州参议员ClaibornePell的好朋友,健康顾问,和个人医师。
I had become good friends, Health and Wellness Advisor, andpersonal physician to US Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island.

9. 我们尽我们的东西在这里,了解了良好的少数人前进的道路上,一个痛苦的事情是,当我们听到最近确诊患者告诉开始juicing了他们的健康顾问
We do our thing here and get to know a good few people along the way, one harrowing thing is when we hear from recently diagnosed cancer victims told to start juicing by their health advisor.

10. 于1990年创建自己的设计公司——John Chan Design Ltd陈李设计顾问有限公司,作品遍及中国、新加坡、马来西亚、日本、意大利、香港及中国台湾等,而近期完成的酒店项目,包括主题酒店:深圳威尼斯、海景酒店及华侨城洲际大酒店、北京喜来登长城饭店、北京国际俱乐部二期、北京长安俱乐部、日本西武集团的有乐健康主题酒店及横滨假日酒店、上海锦沧文华、台北宜兰喜来登等等。
In 1990, his desingn company was founded – John Chan Design Ltd, works cover China, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Chinese HK and Chinese Taiwan, etc., the recently done project, include subject hotels: Shenzhen Venice, Seaview Hotel, Shenzhen Intercontinental, Beijing Sheraton Greatwall, Beijing International Club, Beijing Changan-Club, Seibu youle, Holiday Inn Yokohama Hotel Shanhai JC Mandarin, Sheraton Yilan, etc.?

11. 慈济健康体检机构拥有一支技术精湛、经验丰富、素质优良的专业技术队伍和一支具有全新经营理念及服务模式的管理队伍,还特邀胡亚美院士、孙燕院士、刘玉清院士、陈洪铎院士、王澍寰院士等全国著名医学专家为顾问组成专家顾问团。
Beijing CIJI Hospital Management Co., Ltd. has an experienced and qualified professional team, as well as a management team with creative concept on operation and services. The consultant of CIJI includes a group of academician: Hu Yamei, Sun Yan, Liu Yuqing, Chen Hongduo, Wang Shuhuan etc.

12. 她是大胆的健康福利计划的缔造者、多个国家的特使远至卢旺达和越南、国家总指挥官的重要顾问。
S. history--architect of an ambitious healthcare plan, emissary to nations as far-flung as Rwanda and Vietnam, Key adviser to the nation's Commander in Chief.

13. 她是大胆的健康福利计划的缔造者、多个国家的特使远至卢旺达和越南、国家总指挥官的重要顾问。
History--architect of an ambitious healthcare plan, emissary to nations as far-flung as Rwanda and Vietnam, Key adviser to the nation's Commander in Chief.

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14. 由司徒敬豪医生(急症专科医生、医疗信息经理、香港医疗资讯学会会员)及莫乃光先生(香港互联网协会主席、公共专业联盟副主席)发起,医学顾问为劳永乐医生及王春波医生(香港医疗资讯学会主席、电子健康联网执行委员会联席主席)。 is initiated by Dr Szeto King-Ho (Emergency Medicine Specialist, Health Informatics Manager, Member of Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics) and Mr. Charles Mok (Chairman of Internet Society Hong Kong and Vice Chairman of The Professionals Commons), with Dr Lo Wing-Lok (Private Infectious Disease Physician) and Dr Wong Chun-Por (Chairman of HK Society of Medical Informatics and Co-chairman of Executive Committee of eHealth Consortium) acting as medical consultants.

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15. Paul Causey 是位于曼谷的亚太男性性健康联盟的顾问。他说,要在中国接触到已婚的男男性行为者特别困难,因为他们隐藏很深,与男性同性恋者没有社交往来。
Paul Causey, a consultant with the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health in Bangkok, said reaching married men who have sex with men in China is particularly tricky because they remain deeply closeted and do not hang out with gay men socially.

16. 这些专家如:灾难控制中心的专家,公共健康服务官员,食品与治安官员,地方房屋和城市发展办公室官员,电力工程师,交通运输专家,灾难顾问以及森林服务防火官员。
Examples of these specialists include: Centers for Disease Control doctors, Public Health service officers, Food for Peace officers, RHUDO officers, electrical engineers, trans- portation experts, disaster consultants, and Forest Service fire-suppression officers.

17. 如果你决定参与遗传风险性检测,一名乳腺癌领域的遗传学顾问或经过专业训练的健康师将会帮助你准备一个家系图。
If you decide to proceed with genetic risk assessment, a genetic counselor or other health care professional trained in breast cancer genetics will help you prepare a family tree.

18. 和住宅的居民的健康有很大的关系,房地产策划师或顾问是有效需求,从市场的角度来看,而且从居住者健康和舒适的角度来看,适合该项目人性化的定位。
And residential on the health of the residents have great relations, real estate planner or consultant is effective demand from the market perspective, but also from the occupants health and comfort point of view, appropriate for the project humanized positioning.

19. 在这座巨大建筑物的一侧,志愿者们正在一个健康综合中心忙碌,他们中有牙医、眼镜商、足科医生和咨询顾问。
And along one side of the huge structure, volunteers staff a comprehensive health centre - with dentists, opticians, podiatrists and dependency counsellors.

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20. 心理健康顾问艾琳?弗雷格说,在康涅狄格州布兰福德的一个托儿中心,一名4岁的男孩由于受到家庭整修房屋以及其它压力的影响,每逢输掉与其他小朋友的游戏后就开始大发脾气,大喊大叫,乱扔玩具。
At a Branford, Conn., child-care center, a 4-year-old boy, whose family was remodeling their home and facing other stresses, began throwing tantrums when he lost games with other tibia gold children, yelling and throwing toys, says mental-health consultant Eileen Fregeau.

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