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1. A set of characters will eventually in the hands of death before, but when people began to forget those sometime, history has once again repeated.


2. Industrial robots have been widely applied in automation manufacture fields for their high repeated precision in structureless and complicated workspace.

3. P: At first the cough only attacked in winter, recently, it has been present all the year round, especially the attacks of cough repeated in winter and spring.

4. When MMCI is open, the treatment is the same as any severe, open wound; radical debridement, repeated as necessary, which may also require the opening of fasciae and extension of the wound in order to remove all dead tissue and achieve adequate drainage.

5. When this process is repeated over and over, cancer can develop say study authors, led by Preet M.

6. I had been living 798 for three years, and I had had repeated dreams about grave sites.

7. And therein lies the biggest reason to think that the 1930s will not be repeated.

8. If having generated the mind of renunciation and returning to all beings that every good thing we did, every good wish we made and every sentence of the Buddha`s name we repeated, as well as wishing to rescue all beings with own merits and virtues, then you will be a very happy one. So, nowadays people of learning from Buddha shall not pursue the form.

9. They were so friendly and nice that they repeated slowly and show me what they were talking about when I could not understand them.

10. There!repeated the boy exultantly. There's green in that wood.

11. Is repeated throughout the game to test the strength of their love.

12. After repeated test procedures to prove stable and reliable.

13. After repeated tests, the result is that the design of this system is successful and it can be applied to all conservancy industries to collect data.

14. The main steps include as follows: CO2 is led into the mother liquor of sodium meta-aluminate to carry out carbon content decomposing; the primary separation between the aluminum and the gallium is realized by primary carbonatation to filter out sodium hydroxide; secondary carbonatation is carried out on the filtrate to obtain the deposit of the complex salt of gallium and aluminum; a sodium carbonate crystal is obtained after the filtered filtrate is condensed and vaporized; the deposit of the complex salt of gallium and aluminum is dissolved in the mother liquor of sodium meta-aluminate; the processes are repeated until the proportion of gallium and aluminum in the complex salt of gallium and aluminum is larger than 1/340; then the complex salt of gallium and aluminum is added into the NaOH liquor and electrolyzed, thus obtaining the metal gallium with a purity larger than 99.9 percent which reaches the level of 3; simultaneously, the byproducts of the aluminum hydroxide and the sodium carbonate during the process of carbonatation by steps are obtained.
主要步骤包括:向铝酸钠母液中通入CO 2 进行碳分分解,一次碳酸化实现铝镓的初次分离;过滤出氢氧化钠,滤液进行二次碳酸化获得镓铝复盐沉淀,过滤后滤液经浓缩蒸发获得碳酸钠晶体,铝镓复盐沉淀溶解在偏铝酸钠母液中,重复上述过程直至铝镓复盐中的镓铝比例大于1/340,将其加入到NaOH溶液中,电解可获得纯度>99.9%的金属镓,达到3N级水平同时在分步碳酸化的过程中获得氢氧化铝和碳酸钠副产品。

15. Rotation card design and application, avoids the repeated insulin injection in the same site to cause local reactions of subcutaneous scleroma, fat atrophy, ache.

16. We hope that by using this system, dietitian can have more tool to assist their daily counciling work, to replace the repeated oral instruction, and patients can have higher satisfaction to the therapeutic diet instruction.

17. repeated.的翻译

17. In the event of modifications to the inspection and measuring equipment, the measurement system analyses/capability studies must be repeated.

18. Spend a minute to look at the target, repeated several times.


19. The biotranformation of ginsenosides Rh〓 and Re afforded compounds xyz11 and sywz22 which was linked with one more glucosyl moiety compared with the substrates, respectively. The transformation of ginsenoside Rh〓 to xyz11 was repeated by the incubation of UDP-glucose with the cell-free extracts of B.

20. He repeated to himself a devotional phrase, hoping that in return God would help him to act correctly

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