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Notes on the text 课文注释

1 A skeleton in the cupboard,直译为“柜中骷髅”,此系一成语,作“家丑”解。

2 conceal sth, from sb. 作“对某人隐瞒某事”解。

3 The reader's hair stands on end,读者感到毛骨悚然。

4 to varying degrees,在不同程度上。

5 stood in front of it petrified,站在柜前吓呆了。


6 the impression that it was about to leap out…,

that引导的从句作impression的同位语。be about to do sth. ,表示按照计划即将做的动作。





Give short answers to these questions in your own words as far as possible. Use one complete sentence for each answer.

1 Explain the saying ‘a skeleton in the cupboard’.

2 What was the terrible secret of the dear old lady who had always been so kind to everybody?

3 What does George Carlton do for a living?

Summary writing 摘要写作

In not more than 80 words describe the writer's experiences from the moment he was shown to the guestroom. Use your own words as far as possible. Do not include anything that is not in the last paragraph.

Composition 作文

In not more than 250 words write a continuation of the above passage in the first person. Use the ideas given below. Do not write more than four paragraphs.

Title: A Week-end with Sebastian.

Introduction: George Carlton refused to remove skeleton ---- nowhere to put it.

Development: How I spent the night ---- very uncomfortable ---- took Sebastian out of the cupboard ---- walked around the house with him looking for somewhere to put him ---- maid just going to bed ---- saw Sebastian walking around ----screamed ---- Carton appeared ---- the scene.

Conclusion: Two years later I read about myself and Sebastian in one of Carlton's detective stories.

Exercises 练习

1 We often read in novels … (1. 1) Note the position of often here. Write similar sentences using the words frequently, rarely, always and never. (IKS 2b) (参见第2册第2课关键句型练习b)

2 we do not want even our closest friends to learn. (11. 10-11) Note this pattern. Write two sentences in the same way using the verbs teach and allow. (ISD 11a) (参见第2册第11课难点a)

3 few of us have skeletons in the cupboard. (1. 11) Write sentences illustrating the difference between: few and a few; little and a little. (IKS 32b) (参见第2册第32课关键句型b)

4 he is very proud of the fact. (1. 12) Which words normally follow these words: aware, ready, patient, afraid, fortunate, curious, dependent, different, skilful, familiar and close. (IKS 70) (参见第2册第70课关键句型)

5 The sudden movement of the door made it sway. (1. 18) Note this use of make. Write two sentences using make and let. (IKS 57) (参见第2册第57课难点)

6 ‘Oh, that, ’ he , said … (1. 21) Note this use of speech marks. (ISD 26) (参见第2册第26课难点)Write this piece of conversation again using speech marks:

You must see Arsenic and Old Lace again Tom said. It's a wonderful film. No thank you I answered. I don't think I could stand it. 1 saw it years ago said Tom. I shall never forget those dear old ladies. And I shall never forget that dreadful moment when Boris Karloff suddenly appeared at the window I said. I nearly jumped out of my seat. Multiple choice questions 多项选择题

Choose the correct answers to the following questions.

Comprehension 理解

1 In what respect does fact differ from fiction concerning the secrets that people keep to themselves?

a.They are rarely so terrible as to ruin our reputations if revealed.

b.People's closest friends do not even suspect them of having them.

c.People who have ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ are rarely found out.

d.People who have skeletons in their cupboards are very proud of the fact.

2 Before opening the cupboard door, the writer had ______ .

a.unpacked and gone down for dinner

b.changed into some new clothes

c.put his shirts and his underwear in a couple of drawers

d.hung one of the two suits he had brought with him

3 What was the most frightening thing about the writer's experience?

a.The sight of a skeleton hanging in the cupboard.

b.The sudden movement of the door when he opened the cupboard.

c.To discover that it was the skeleton of an old friend of George's.

d.To have found a real skeleton rather than finding out a terrible secret.

Structure 结构

4 We often read in novels of a seemingly respectable person or family ______ some terrible secret … (11. 1-2)



c.whom has

d.that they have

5 The only person I have ever known ______ a skeleton in the cupboard … (11. 11-12)

a.he had

b.of having

c.that he has

d.to have

6 ---- George Carlton, and it is ______ he is very proud of. (1. 12)

a.the fact


c.that which


7 No sooner had I opened the cupboard door ______ I stood … (11. . 17-18)





8 ‘ ______ that I was a medical student once upon a time? ’ (1. 22)

a.Why don't you remember

b.Have you forgotten

c.Do you forget

d.Have you not remembered

Vocabulary 词汇

9 The English language ______ a vivid saying to … (11. 3-4)





10 ---- the guestroom , which, he said, was ______ used. (1. 15)


b.a little



11 He told me to unpack my ______ and then … (11. 15-16)





12 ---- gave me the impression that it ______ leaping out at me. (1. 19)

a.was on the point of

b.was concerned with

c.was thinking of

d.was almost

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