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1. AM - NaAMPS - DEAM terpolymer was synthesized from acrylamide, Sodium - 2 - acrylamido - 2 - methylpropane sulfonate and N, N - diethylacrylamide by free radical initiation copolymerization in aqueous solution.

2. The average time-consuming and fitting accuracy of the automatic detection and identifiction process were determined to be 61.69 ms and 0.18 mm, respectively by experiment, which is very satisfactory and good for the study on deam tracking system.
经实验测定,自动检测识别过程平均耗时61.69 ms,拟合精度为0.18 mm,效果比较满意,为完善焊缝跟踪系统奠定了基础。

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3. But the nightware from this monday, temperature sharply increased, so deam hot, especially from office go outside, warm wave make me feel so sick this week.

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4. However most of us holding the dream, deam of a world man and nature live in harmory and humanities.

5. Deam as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

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6. Deam is an engineer working for a large company and he has been to many places of Australia.

7. I receive a letter from my brother, Deam, who is now in Australia.

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8. Reading in the deam light does harm to your eyes.

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9. This is a deam in which things are al loose And they appress.

10. I'm badly bored by the deam morning noise.

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11. AIM: To explore whether the activation-induced cytidine deam-inase gene 8408 C/T polymorphism is related to adult atopic asthma and the level of plasma IgE.
目的:探讨活化诱导胞嘧啶核苷脱氨酶(Activation-induced ey-tidine deaminase.AICDA)8408C/T基因的多态性与成人哮喘及血浆总IgE的关系。

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12. When the DEAM contents were lower, the graft copolymer conformation behavior was like homopolymer PMAA.

13. Several temperature - and pH-sensitive poly (methacrylic acid-g-N, N-diethylacrylamide) (P (MAA-g-DEAM)) graft copolymers with different compositions were synthesized by free-radical copolymerization utilizing macromonomer technique.

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14. Day in and day out, he kept doing it for 15 years on end. Meanwhile, his wife, back in Shanghai, worked at a garment factory by day and took care of her daughter by night, cherishing the same deam and bearing no grudge agianst the odds of life.

15. How ofen do we plant the seed of a beautiful deam in the fertile soil of our minds, and then dig it up?

16. The effect of DEAM contents and pH on the conformation of P (DEAM co MAA) may find some uses in the design and synthesis of novel sensitive gels.

17. But the conformation of P (DEAM co MAA) in dilute aqueous solution shows a loose extended form due to polymer dilution effect in all of pH range when the molar fraction of DEAM in P (DEAM co MAA) is higher than 8.00%.

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