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2. The company may receive the consideration, if any, given for a forfeited share on any sale or disposition thereof and may execute a transfer of the share in favor of the person to whom the shares 15 sold or disposed of and he shall thereupon be registered as the holder of the share, and shall not be bound to see to the application purchase money, if any, nor shall his title to the share be affected by any irregularity or invalidity in the proceedings in reference of the forfeiture sale, or disp0Sal of the share.

3. There is for water, transportation, and disp os al of refuse.

4. He has a large number of reference books at his disp......

5. You can call the disp....

6. But the trouble they encounter is, always making sure that the tree is disp

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7. Data of crane collected from UART of the system can disp lay in a web page.

8. He supposed, though, he would disp se with Dodo soon.

9. Also the article has a careful study on the importance of the aesthetie standards in disp laying design.

10. He results of TPR, H2-TPD, XRD and EXAFS indicated that ZrO2 was disp ersed in monolayer on SiO2 while the Co species existed in certain agglomerati on whose size was almost undisturbed by ZrO2 loading. With the increase of ZrO 2 loading, the ZrO2-covered silica surface increased whereas the Co dispers ion kept fixed, resulting in a large Co-ZrO2 interface at the cost of Co-SiO 2 interface.

11. DISP

11. This technology has been successfully applied to the waterp roof data disp laying calliper with the eddy current displacement sensor and can meet the needs of product function.

12. The elements with high volatile ability would disp ose into the air.

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13. Therefore, to analyze different legal status is a precondition for solving the relevant disp utes.

14. The greater the population there is in a locality, the greater the need there is for water, transportation, and disp os al of refuse.

15. 911查询·英语单词大全

15. D Releases, Notwithstanding any discharge, release or settlement fron time to time between 而Lender and the Chargor, if any security, disp ositron or payment granted or made to the Lender in respect of the Secured Indebtedness by th Borrower, the Chargor or any other person is avoided or set aside or ordered to be surrendered, paid away, refunded or reduced by virtue of any provision, law or enactment relating to bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation, winding-up, composition or arrangement for the time being in force or for any other reason, the Lender shall be entitled hereafter to enforce this Deed as if no such discharge, release or settlement had occurred.
d 释放,纵使任何的解除,释放或殖民 fron 计时计时在而出借人和 Chargor,如果任何的安全,disp ositron 或付款关于 th 的被巩固的受人恩惠允许或制造出借人借用人,Chargor 或任何其他的人被避免或组合旁白或命令当投降,花费,付还或减少由于任何的准备,法律或与破产,无力偿还有关的制定,偿还,卷绕-提高,作文或安排暂时在施行中或为任何其他的理由,出借人将在此后被权力运行这一种行为好像没有如此的解除,释放或殖民已经发生。

16. After the calibration of the gas concentration and componentps resist2ance, the sensor disp layed the gas concentration. To reduce adjunctive errors which result from temperature drift, and imp rove the p recise of the sensor, a model of bi2input and single2output RBF network was suggested.

17. Be capable of proof by experiments, the development of screwthread detector base on laser probing DISP technique is effective enough.

18. In the development Sukhoi SU-30 MKI, the major player was the Russian corp oration IRKUT but without the help of France and Israel, the fighter aircraft could not have developed the decisive technological edge that it disp lays.

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19. The system makes the in2formation ofmultip ly sensors fusion bymulti2sensors information fusion technology, and disp lays all the test information directly by LabV IEW.
该系统利用传感器信息融合技术将多传感器信息融合,通过LabV IEW软件将所得测试信息直观地显示出来。

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20. In this paper a microstrip disp disk cavities bandpass filter using gap capacitances coupling is proposed and tested.

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