My Favorite Food优秀英语作文

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My Favorite Food优秀英语作文

My Favorite Food优秀英语作文(精选7篇)

  中国是一个美食的国度,你最喜欢吃的是什么呢?下面是小编收集整理的My Favorite Food优秀英语作文(精选7篇),欢迎阅读与收藏。

My Favorite Food优秀英语作文(精选7篇)

My Favorite Food优秀英语作文  My favorite food is Chinese dumpling; its pronunciation is jiao zi in Chinese. It is a traditional Chinese food and essential during holidays in Northern China. And it is also popular in other Chinese holidays or festivals, so it is part of the Chinese culture or tradition.

  I like eating dumpling not because I am from Northern China but because it is really very delicious and stand for reunion. My family usually eat dumpling when all the members of family come together. Making dumplings with my sisters is the happiest thing for me.

  Chinese dumpling is one of the most important foods in Spring Festival. Since the Spring Festival marks the first day of a brand new year, the first meal is rather important. People from north and south have different habits of the food, so they eat different foods on this special day. In Northern China, people usually eat dumplings.

  Chinese dumpling is a delicious food. You can make a variety of Chinese dumplings with different fillings. It depends on your taste and how various ingredients mixed together by you.

  Usually if you have Chinese dumpling for dinner, you will not have to cook anything else except for some big occasions. The dumpling itself is good enough for dinner. This is one of the advantages of Chinese dumpling over other foods, though it may take longer time to make them.

  Making dumplings is really teamwork. All family members often make dumplings together. It is also a good time to share their stories with each other. I started to make dumplings when I was a kid in my family, so most Chinese like me know how to make dumplings.

  Food is human’s basic need, yet it differs from culture to culture. Color, aroma and taste have been regarded as the basics of Chinese culinary art. In the long history of Chinese course development, there are many differences between the Southern and Northern tastes. Generally speaking, the southern courses emphasize freshness and tenderness; while the northern courses are oilier. As a typically southerner, I prefer freshness and pure flavor. So my favorite food is steaming fish.

  饮食是人类最基本的需求,但饮食因文化而异。色香味一直被看做是中华饮食文化的基本要素。在中国饮食文化历史发展的长河中,南方菜和北方菜有很多不同。一 般来说,南方菜更注重鲜、嫩,而北方菜相对比较油腻。作为一个典型的南方人,我更喜爱鲜美和纯粹的味道。所以,清蒸鱼是我最喜欢的菜。

  Steaming fish is a classical Guang Dong dish. It’s famous for light, soft and slippery taste. The material must be fresh, and the cook must control the heat to make sure the fish remain tender and pure. Put the fresh fish in the pot to steam for 8 minutes with mild heat. Before the dish is finished, add a spoon of oil and some chopped green onion and a spoon of soy sauce, and then the steaming fish is done. My mother is very good at cooking this course. I really love the way she cook the fish, not only maintain the original flavors of the fish, but also provide with enough protein.

  清蒸鱼是一道经典的广东菜,以口味清谈、鱼肉细滑而著名。所用材料必须新鲜,厨师需掌控好火候,以此保证鱼肉的鲜嫩。将鲜鱼放在锅中,用文火蒸8分钟。在 出锅之前,加一小勺油和一些葱花及一勺酱油,清蒸鱼就做好了。我的母亲很擅长烹饪这道菜。我非常喜欢她做的清蒸鱼,不仅仅保留了鱼的鲜美,也提供了足够的 蛋白质。

  In our country, there are plenty of delicious foods. They are popular among Chinese people. I like eating very much. There are many food I like, such as chicken, fish, beef, tofu, noodle and so on. Among them, fish and tofu are the food I like most. Fish is delicious as well as rich in nutrition. Its good to our health. There are various cooking methods and I think the simplest way is the best one. Tofu is my favorite as well. It can be cooked with many other dishes. Different tastes combine with each other to make the food more delicious.


  In our China, there are many delicious dishes. In the record A Bite of China, we can see the essence of Chinese diet. Among so many dishes, I like sweet and sour spare rib and beef most. Sweet and sour spare rib is a traditional and popular Chinese cuisine. Its cooking method is simple but it taste well. Sweet and sour contains together, tasting much better. Beef is popular in general families. There are various methods to cook this food material. We can fry or stew and we can get different but tasty foods. However, taste of home are the most popular in families.

  I like banana very much.banana always grows in the warm area.its nice to eat, and it is good for our us ,monkeys also like to eat can see th is in the zoo.

  Im a student.I like eggs and coconut.Because eggs is very good for me .Its very healthy.the coconut is a very sweet .the HauNans coconut is very GREat.I like them.

  My Favorite food

  I like banana very much.Banana always grows in the warm area.Its nice to eat, and it is good for our healths.Like us ,monkeys also like to eat bananas.You can see this in the zoo.

  Im a student.I like eggs and coconut.Because eggs is very good for me .Its very healthy.The coconut is a very sweet .The coconut in HaiNanis very great .I like them.

  There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and I.My father’s favorite food is crabs. They are tasty. My mother likes apples best. There is an old saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So apples are healthy and nutritious. like beef noodles and potatoes most. Because they are delicious and healthy. I don’t like onions.All of us like ice cream very much. It is sweet and yummy. Do you like it?

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